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A Girl's Guide to Vampires (Dark Ones Book One) by Katie MacAlister | Hachette UK

This is not good. This is also not good. But, the author carefully has Joy comment on all of these moments; she tells Dominic to let her go and stop calling her his angel. I felt good about these more progressive moments in which a woman verbally and sometimes physically! I really enjoyed this book when it came out and even more now as an audio book due to Karen White.

Thanks to Goodreads, I learned that this book kicked off a series called appropriately The Dark Ones. In fact, book 2 is also on my 20BooksofSummer list! Grab the Lapels is a space reserved for reviews of books written by women, though, so my review of Bird Box is on Goodreads. It is a scary, compelling horror story that everyone recommended. The comment about the friend who is a virgin but sounds like she had an active sex life reminds me of a character from Girls With Slingshots, an online comic.

The friend to the main character is found to be a virgin in the general sense, and likes it that way, though she regularly enjoys sexual activities with others over time. She eventually ends up in a physically open relationship with an asexual woman who fulfills her emotional needs while she still happily seeks out partners for physical needs.

Could that be the case here, or an I reading to much into sexy vampire fun? Like Liked by 2 people. Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person. In this book, the characters know about the vampires loves because the author of the vampire books they love are actually written by a vampire. Not sure! Is it the hair? The accent? That book sounds interesting, FF. I looked it up and saw it was published in Her height and strength are mentioned frequently.

Today, I learned that Carmilla is both available at my library and a coffee drink! A portmanteau of caramel and vanilla. Love that you reviewed the sex scenes — and the sex scenes themselves, they seem well and amusingly done — something I have always avoided, perhaps out of a desire to conceal my enjoyment of them!

I mean, how in the world did we get Fifty Shades of Grey? The Accidental Human. Immortal Ever After. Sparks Fly. Katie MacAlister. Dragon Soul. Dragon Fall. Sex and the Single Vampire. Fire Me Up. Dragon Storm. Holy Smokes. You Slay Me. The Undead in My Bed. Molly Harper. Even Vampires Get the Blues. Playing with Fire. It's All Greek to Me. Memoirs of a Dragon Hunter. In the Company of Vampires. Light My Fire.

A Girl's Guide to Vampires

Day of the Dragon. The Importance of Being Alice.

Me and My Shadow. A Tale of Two Vampires.

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Up in Smoke. Love in the Time of Dragons. Improper English. The Corset Diaries. Men in Kilts. The Perils of Paulie.

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Blow Me Down. The Art of Stealing Time. The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons. Time Thief. Hard Day's Knight. Noble Destiny. Much Ado About Vampires. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang. A Midsummer Night's Romp. Noble Intentions.


Zen and the Art of Vampires. The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires. The Trouble With Harry. Daring in a Blue Dress. You Auto-Complete Me. The Truth About Leo. Sex, Lies, and Vampires. How to write a great review. Absolute twaddle. Finally I have read the first one in the Dark Ones series. I hate reading books out of order and for some reason I started with the second book with this series. With how the first book ends I have the strong urge to pick up the second book again and find out what went on again.

In this book we have the adventures of Joy and Roxy in the Czech Republic. They are spending two weeks there looking for A Dark One Vampire and checking the local sites. They luck out don't characters in books always Finally I have read the first one in the Dark Ones series. They luck out don't characters in books always luck out? Joy and Roxy immediately meet the people working at the fair including a certain hunky hunky man who makes Joy's knee's turn into warm butter. There is mystery, hot sex, cool location, love, and snappy dialog in this one.

One of my favorite lines in the book is when Joy states she is going to go and beat her man with a big dick instead of stick and never realizes her Freudian misspeak - but leaves Roxi rolling on the floor. Another fun read! Aug 19, Paige rated it it was ok Shelves: books. It took me a while to get into this book.

It was really long and felt like I would never finish it.