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My nephew James Evans and I were the first to clean her headstone Catherine Adler.

As recounted by Marilyn Loehr Mossberger. Granddaughter of Henry and Catherine Adler Loehr.

Putting People Back Into Science: Using Historical Vignettes

Mom said that Grandma was an angel, very sweet and warm. She spoiled our Daddy, Eddy Loehr, because he was the youngest of 5 children.

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His older sisters spoiled him also. The below is a first-person account of Harry O.

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In an examination of eight recent textbooks, McComas identified and analyzed historical examples used to clarify nature of science concepts. He found that 59 percent of examples relating to nature of science came from the physical sciences. He cautioned that there is a danger that students could miss the unity of science when so many examples come from one discipline. The great majority of examples he examined came from older rather than contemporary historical accounts. Einstein, Newton, Galileo and Darwin were used frequently. McComas identified a gap in some accounts between presenting principles and making an explicit link to nature of science concepts.

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Galveston Bay and the bayous and rivers that feed it attracted ancient indigenous people to hunt and fish along the shores. The Spanish were the first to claim the area, but considered it without value and therefore never developed a settlement.

The ease of water transportation brought a few French Louisiana traders to visit scattered Indian villas in the s despite Spanish claims to the land.