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Although we may discuss ideas during the meeting we want to spend most of the time listening, rather than immediately trying to provide solutions. After the meeting we'll put together some information and ideas for strategies that best fit what you've told us about your goals and income.

Next we'll schedule a follow-up conversation in which we'll present our second opinion about your current plan. There's no obligation for our second opinion service and any information we provide during your meeting and afterwards is yours to keep.

The Wealth Solution Book - maximize your potential for success in all areas of your financial life.

All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Just Three Pages. Home welcome. Our Services Investment Management Tax efficient, asset class portfolio design Portfolio rebalancing and maintenance Portfolio analysis and Second Opinion reviews.

Retirement Planning Diversifying your retirement income Defending against market volatility. Financial Planning Creating financial comfort Simplifying saving and investing Insurance reviews. Wealth Management Wealth transfer and estate planning Risk management and asset protection Legacy creation and charitable gift strategies.

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There are three things to remember about how Asset Class Investing can work for you and your family: 1. The Fundamentals of Asset Class Investing How you choose to invest your money for the long term could have major implications for your overall success.

How to Make $100,000 as a Financial Advisor (#likeaboss 😎)

Wealth Advisory Process One of the most important components of any successful advisory relationship is truly understanding who you are as a person. Complimentary eBook. Download a complimentary eBook. Frequently Asked Questions More questions? Get a Second Opinion About Your Financial Plan Our second opinion service is more than just a discussion about money and financial strategies.

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Schedule a meeting with us for a second opinion and here's what you'll get: We'll spend most of the meeting discussing your needs and listening to your answers. We'll answer all your questions regarding our fees and the services we provide. We'll talk about your current investment strategy and make notes for our follow-up conversation. How do they do it?

There is a part of me that is uninterested in learning the trick. I just like to watch and be mesmerized. An interesting video from our partner Loring Ward includes some magic tricks that are quite entertaining. However, the message is that investing is not a magic trick. The key to being successful at investing is to focus on the long term and diversify your portfolio. When it comes to investing, it is important to stay informed and being an educated investor is an empowered investor. It describes our process of how we at Crimmins Wealth Management use a prudent evidence-based approach to financial planning.

But not all information is the same. EDIP progresses specific projects to build new assets. We have experience in most industries. Once a development plan is produced, the asset migrates to AUM. EDIP works with you to prioritize opportunities including consideration of optimal structures for potential assets. Assets that meet certain risk criteria are investigated and, if you decide to take them forward, are migrated to AUD. EDIP believes that generating wealth does not mean looking at just one or two businesses. We believe generating real wealth involves three steps:.

This commitment is key. What you are embarking on when you decide to work with EDIP is a long-term plan that will have a huge impact on future generations, but where the results sometimes take months and years to achieve.

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This is why we see ourselves as partners in your success, and our commitment to you is that we will help you build for the long-term by building our organization and our pool of experts to enable you to feel confident that any challenges and obstacles to progress and success are overcome. Toll Free: info edip. Our Mission:.

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Our Vision:. Every community story is unique. Because of this, our starting point is always with your story. We listen thoughtfully and ask questions — lots and lots of questions.

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We will get to know the real priorities and what matters most to your community. Sharing your story with us is the first step in becoming part of the EDIP family. We want to listen to Your Story.